Dynamic Wine Chiller Aerator Pourer

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This item will  take your wine drinking experience to the next level.  Whether you have a favorite bottle of red or white wine this tool will chill, aerate and help you get the perfect pour all in one.  Always keep your bottle at the perfect drinking temperature. We are giving away 100 for FREE! Just pay shipping. This item is sure to sell out so order yours today.


  • ENJOY YOUR WINE AT THE PERFECT DRINKING TEMPERATURE - This dynamic wine tool is made of stainless steel; It cools off quickly and keeps the bottle of wine at the ideal drinking temperature up to an hour
  • SENSE TRUE WINE AROMA IN YOUR WINE - This dynamic wine tool comes with a built-in wine aerator; It gently enhances the wine taste and aroma of your red wine


  • POUR YOUR WINE WITHOUT DRIPS AND SPILLS - My Wine Passion's clever pour technology prevents wine drips; the silicon ring makes sure the wine chiller seals with every bottle


  • MAKE ROOM ON YOUR TABLE - the combination of cooler and pourer not only makes the ice bucket unnecessary but also leaves more room on the table for delicious dishes


  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - Put the chill rod in a freezer for about an hour; When the party starts take it out and attach the spout; Make enough room in the bottle and insert the stick; There you go; Enjoy; When done, simply rinse with warm water, detach and return the rod in the freezer.  All done nice and easy!


How to use

  • Place the wine cooling stick in the freezer for at least 2 hours.
  • Pour out enough wine to allow the wine cooling stick to be inserted into the bottle.
  • Insert the stick into the bottle to cool wine.
  • Pour the wine through the pourer and then you can enjoy the perfect wine.


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